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Learn about the places and lands far by travelling and learning

Walk 10,000 miles, Read 10,000 scrolls
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MIddle East

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South America

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East Asia

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Educational Field Trips

- The best way to learn is by exploration and experience -

Visit and learn about Israel

Travel to Israel for 8 days to discover its society, politics and vibrant economy. Meet the diverse communities and understand Middle East.

We would be visiting some top universities in Israel and interact with some great minds. Specialized personnel would explain the complexities of Israel's borders.

We would visit the historical Temple Mount, Masada Fortress, Crusader tunnels, Roman cities in Caesarea and Beit She'an.

We won't miss out on the fun of beaches, floating in the Dead Sea, learning & enjoying time in Hanging Gardens of Haifa, sacred to the Bahai Faith.

The field trip includes lectures by professionals and scholars.

The field trip is available as part of a larger course on Israel that consists of 18 lectures - 36 hours

We cover you

With flight tickets, VISA, insurance, local SIM card, internet, hostel stay, meals, laundry - 3 times.

The travel conditions include some long days that include lectures and field visits. Please carry hats, water bottle, sunscreen, a notebook and pen.

Don't forget your power bank, phone charger, SIM tray opening pin(ejector tool).


Please be prepared to click some amazing pictures and collect great ideas and research themes. See PHOTOs below

The program is student friendly but rigorous. The list of locations is agreed among institution (college/ university), students and the organizer but there can be minor changes owing to unforeseen circumstances.

Carry extra money(dollars/local currency) for any local shopping or purchases.

End result

The trip is followed by a 100 questions MCQ, and a 2000 word essay. The students would receive scores against performance and all passing students shall receive certificates with their scores

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

– we heard this in school